Those who have completed their 40th Year in the Profession

30 March 2022, Wednesday, 21:25

At the 31st Turkish Pharmacological Society Intergenerational Scientific Symposium Meeting held in Beldibi, Antalya between 3-5 March 2022, plaques were presented to our members, whose names are listed below, who have completed their 40th year in the profession.

  • Prof. Dr. Fatma Akar
  • Prof. Dr. Mehmet Serdar Uma
  • Prof. Dr. Levent Büyükuysal
  • Prof. Dr. Nur Banoğlu
  • Dr. Ecz. Vedat Eğilmez
  • Prof. Dr. Yusuf Öztürk
  • Prof. Dr. Levent Üstünes
  • Dr. Oğuz Akbaş

Executive Board of the Turkish Pharmacological Society

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