About the Cellular Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Working Group

''Cellular Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Biotechnological Medicines Working Group'' was established to raise awareness among pharmacologists about regenerative therapies, cellular therapies primarily using stem cells and biotechnological drugs, and to create a new and scientific field for them on 17.03.2016 with the initiative of Prof. Dr. Kansu BÜYÜKAFŞAR, a faculty member of Mersin University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Pharmacology and with the decision of the TFD board of directors.

The establishment and organization process was accelerated by collaborating with researchers who are currently working on cellular therapy, stem cell research and biotechnological drugs or who are interested in and want to work in this field in the future. The first executive board was composed following member admission. Shortly after its establishment, the favor of TFD members has increased, and the number of our members has reached 32 today.

The first and subsequent members of the executive committee are listed below, with their titles of the years they served.



The Cellular Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Biotechnological Medicines Working Group (HRBÇG) is a working group composed of TFD members, which aims to raise awareness among pharmacologists about regenerative therapies, cellular therapies mainly using stem cells, and biotechnological drugs, to create a new scientific research area for them and to pave the way for taking part pharmacologists in the relevant committees. The group also aims to inform society correctly about regenerative medicine, cellular therapies and biotechnological drugs. Moreover, HRBÇG intends to bring together researchers who are interested in or study stem cells, cell groups and biotechnological drugs, which have a wide range of research options today. In this context, HRBÇG targets to encourage and guide research on cellular therapies, regenerative medicine, and the development of biotechnological drugs for diseases with no or limited treatment options. The scope of the working group consists of supporting researchers with theoretical and practical contributions about how to benefit from stem cells and cell groups from a pharmacological point of view, how to contribute to the field of regenerative medicine and how to develop biotechnological drugs. The methods for developing biotechnological drugs, required infrastructures, and possible study plans with existing infrastructures are also included in this scope.



HTRTBTÇG carried out its activities by organizing some educational meetings within the scope of TFD and participated in TFD congresses with panels. The group also aims to organize hands-on training with cell culture, stem cells and biotechnological drugs for subsequent activities.

  1. Turkish Pharmacology Society (TFD) XXIII. The Education Meeting was held under the title of "Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Symposium" in cooperation with the Turkish Pharmacology Society Cellular Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Biotechnological Medicines Working Group and Mersin University Stem Cell Unit (MERKÖK) on Friday, 7 September 2018 at Mersin University Faculty of Medicine Türkan Saylan Conference Hall. In the symposium, which was held with the presentations of 9 academicians from 6 different universities in Turkey, who have valuable studies in the field of stem cells, up-to-date information about stem cells, stem cell applications and the latest developments the place and contributions of pharmacology in this field were discussed. 96 participants, mostly from medical faculties and pharmacy faculties, took part in the symposium.
  2. Within the scope of "25. National Pharmacology Congress", "Stem Cell and Pharmaceuticals" panel was held with broad participation in Aydın Kuşadası between 4-7 November 2019 to increase the studies on stem cells and regenerative medicine in the field of pharmacology, to attract the attention of researchers to this subject and to guide researchers who are interested in this subject. 6 academicians working in the field from 5 universities in our country presented their studies in the panel.
  3. "Cellular Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Biotechnological Drugs Working Group Panel" was organized within the scope of ‘’26. National and 1 International Pharmacology Congress’’ which was held online 4-6 November 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The panel was held on November 4, 2021, with the live participation of 74 people, with the presentations of 5 academicians from 5 different universities.