About Society

Turkish Pharmacological Society was founded in 1966, by research associates/specialists from 3 Faculties of Medicine and 1 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, which Turkey had at that time, Refik Saydam Central Institute of Hygiene and Public Health, and 2 members from the Pharmaceutical Industry and its establishment was registered to the Governorship of Ankara on 16th November 1966. Founding members in alphabetical order are as follows; Professor Şahin Akman Ph.D. (Ankara University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), Orhan Altınkurt M.D. Specialist (Refik Saydam Central Institute of Hygiene and Public Health), Professor Suphi Artunkal Ph.D. (Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine), Firuz Baysal M.D. Specialist (Refik Saydam Central Institute of Hygiene and Public Health), Professor Dündar Berkan Ph.D. (Ege University Faculty of Medicine), Nejat Eczacıbaşı Ph.D. (Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals), Professor Reşat Garan Ph.D. (Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine), Associate Professor S. Oğuz Kayaalp Ph.D. (Ankara University Faculty of Medicine), Professor Şükrü Kaymakçalan Ph.D. (Ankara University Faculty of Medicine), Burhan Kıran M.D. Specialist (Ankara University Faculty of Medicine), Distinguished Professor Sedat Tavat Ph.D. (Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine), Associate Professor Kazım Türker Ph.D. (Ankara University Faculty of Medicine), Pharmacist Nezih Ulagay (İ.E. Ulagay Pharmaceuticals) and Associate Professor Orhan Yalçındağ Ph.D. (Refik Saydam Central Institute of Hygiene and Public Health). The first General Assembly of the Society was held on 14th of December 1966, the Executive Board was formed and Professor Şükrü Kaymakçalan was elected as the first President of the Society. The Society met at Ş. Kaymakçalan’s home on Ataç Str. in Çankaya, Ankara in the beginning, and later at S.O. Kayaalp’s home on Meşrutiyet Str. in Çankaya, Ankara. When it became possible legally, the Office of the Society was moved to the Department of Pharmacology of Ankara or Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine.

The Society received public benefit organisation status on 8th May 1970 by the Council of Ministers’ decision, and it was accepted to add “Turkish” to the name of the Society on 15th November 1975. With the ministerial decree numbered 90/791 on 16th August 1990, the Society was allowed to become a member of the Federation of European Pharmacological Societies (EPHAR).

The Society’s emblem consists of an experimental animal lying on the operating table in a white star, an injection syringe and a snake coiled around its needle. It was drawn by S. Oğuz Kayaalp in 1973 and approved by the Executive Board. The Society’s work was stopped by the military administration in 1980, like all other societies, and then the Society started to work again.

The Society has held 22 General Assemblies and elected 22 Executive Boards since its establishment. At the time the Society’s website was created, the Executive Board, headed by Professor Meral Tuncer Ph.D., was elected in 1997, which was the 22nd Executive Board.

The Society organized its first national pharmacology congress in 1973, and has been hosting these scientific congresses regularly, every two years since 1974. The congress abstracts are published regularly.

Starting from 1976, the Society has been organizing periodic symposiums on special scientific topics apart from the Congress, and since 1992, the Society has been hosting educational symposiums annually. In order to increase face-to-face scientific and professional interaction between senior faculty members and junior research assistants and specialists, the Society has been organizing “Intergenerational Information-Communication Seminars” annually since 1993, usually in March. These meetings are named after retired or deceased professors, who contributed to the development of pharmacology in Turkey.

The Society published the “Turkish Journal of Pharmacology and Clinical Research” between 1983-88, however, the publication of the journal has still been suspended due to the fact that members prefer journals that appeal to the international scientific community for justifiable reasons. The regular professional and scientific publication of the Society is the “Bulletin of the Turkish Pharmacological Society”, which has been published bimonthly since May 1990. In November 1999, the 58th Issue was published. The Society has published 12 symposium or seminar books so far.

Professor S. Oğuz Kayaalp Ph.D., 1999